Exeter School of Samba

Make Yourself Heard

Exeter School of Samba (E.S.S.) is run by Music graduate and Drum-kit teacher Scott Craig.

E.S.S. provides the opportunity for anyone with an interest in percussion to develop their musical skills. Playing Samba not only increases self confidence, discipline and concentration but also helps with the ability to work within a team.

Scott runs two groups: SAMBA MARCIANAS (8-18s) and SAMBA PREDADORES (over 18s).

Scott delivers workshops, including for Babcock LDP at the Devon Schools Mix (since 2010), for up to 100 participants at a time, and for local schools (since 2011). School workshops can be for one week or a whole term and always engage the pupils to deliver performances for teachers and parents.

Bookings are available for team building sessions for businesses.

The philosophy of E.S.S. is "Make Yourself Heard", which is about finding your voice on every level.  Scott has an interest in education, teaching and group work.